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Who I Am


brigitte segura. Some like to call me a fashion culturalist. I like to make a visually appealing presence for brands on the web, and integrate a CHIC lux lifestyle into the big picture.  Not exactly a minimalist, but I like things in visual order, and I like to make a positive difference of brand perception without using alot of words, visually through images. so… Je Te Mode.

I am mostly specialized in fashion including womenswear, menswear, accessories, and beauty, lifestyle, celebs.

I go to alot of fashion events and shows, and do mingle with ‘friends’ in the crowd.

I’m Based in NYC and work in different parts of the country, Europe and Hong Kong.  Speak a few languages.

Most clients like to consult with me for short-term assignments, from 3-6 months, until they are happy with their image and can take it from there.  I often remain on-call ‘consultant’ after.


a few mentions here and, scroll through some of the work in the top of site to view and click on individuals to view in detail.

some work examples: blogs | fashion + projects | mentions



quick answers:

Yes, I have helpers. I am not a one-man show, but it depends on the project.

Yes, we partner with brands on our sites | blogs | social media. we don’t like loud ads, nor do we flash who we are working with.   we like to remain discreet and so do our clients.

I often work directly on client’s social media and blog, not mine,  to promote a more fashionable image, and hence – Je Te Mode.

No, we’re not interested in new affiliate marketing or link exchanges, sorry.

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