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What I Do


je te MODE = I fashion you.  A glimpse of what I do:

I partner with clients and help bring their brands to a more fashionable light, hence   Je Te Mode = JTMode

I work with brands on their social media and blogging platforms, and I consult in Fashion, working with Marketing, Design, and PR – to make the brand more fashionable.   I started my career in fashion design, then began working with new licensees and new divisions, helping either create their brand image,  or updating it to fit what is fashionable through design and styling.


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In the last few years I have been concentrating on helping brands make a visually appealing presence on the web.  Whether it’s publishing on different sites, blogs | tumblr,  or their voice behind the brand’s social media.   Normally I am asked to help a brand go to the next level discreetly, and help establish a particular brand image  via the web.  Once the brand image is set and the visual goal is met, the brand usually takes over the process internally, and I consult as needed for maintenance or updates.    Sometimes I am asked to curate a collection, but I don’t splash my name all over it.  Here is a modest glimpse with visuals of some sites, blogs and a few mentions to give you an idea.  My favorite blogging | social media platform is Tumblr.    see links here for more! *kindly note this is a work in progress portfolio that can help answer some questions.   Most clients like to remain discreet.  That’s the beauty of it. more info or check out who i am.

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